Signs from the Rainbow Bridge


Lilies (medioimages/photodisc/getty images)

Kind of a sad post today, but I hope you will have a little smile by the end. Late last week, my grandmother passed after a very brief illness. She was 88 and always in good health, so while I am sad, I will always love her and cherish her memory. The hardest part has been the suddenness of it all. At the beginning of November, she had some minor digestive complaints, but less than six weeks she is gone.

However, I’d like to share a little story. Back in the mid-90s I had adopted an orange kitten named Stu. When my then-boyfriend and I broke up, I moved home with Stu. My grandmother lived with my parents and she became very attached to him. So much so, that when I moved again, she asked that he stay with her. A few years later, when my parents divorced and my grandmother moved out, she had to call the police to have the cat go with her because my father (who never cared about the cat but wanted to spite everyone) was trying to keep the cat. Anyway, the judge had to order my father to surrender the cat and the cat was part of the property settlement agreement (“one large, orange cat”). Stu moved in with my grandmother at her apartment and lived a long, plump, and happy life with her. When he passed, she had his remains cremated and placed in a special box. She told my mom that she wanted the cat buried with her.

When my grandmother passed, my mom called the funeral parlour and had to laugh. The director assisting with the planning was named Stu! When she told him about the cat, he offered to have a memorial set up for the cat as well as my grandmother. My mom was laughing as she told me this. It was definitely a sign they had been reunited over the rainbow bridge.


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