Catching Up…

I have been relatively quiet on here due to personal reasons, but some things have slowly been happening. Mostly, I have been concentrating on my health.  Last year, I received some less-than-stellar news during a physical and since January I have been working on changing my diet and physical activity. Overall, it has been a success. I’ve dropped 30 pounds and finished a 5k at the end of June. I may have been slow but I ran a lot of it and I finished. I still have a lot more work to do, but it’s good to stop and take inventory of everything accomplished so far.

On the writing front, I’ve been working, albeit slowly. Besides actual writing and editing, there’s been a lot of work on my successor as vice-president for the South Jersey Writers’ group, as well as starting to edit for Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey, volume 2. I also have a few other things in the pipeline since it’s time to take some chances. More on them when they come to fruition.

I’ve read several good books this year, but again it’s been slow going and I haven’t read as much as I would have liked. Currently, reading Joshua and the Lightning Road by Donna Galanti for our YA book club. I still have a couple of books to review, which I’d like to post at some point this month.

Through all this, i decided to take a social media break last week. I didn’t post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc for about 10 days. In a way, it was refreshing. I didn’t feel the need to check the sites multiple times a day to Keep Up With It All. Sure I may have missed some good posts, but concentrating on living life and relaxing and DOING was much more rewarding. I won’t be giving up social media any time soon, but it did prove to me that sometimes a break is something we all need.