50 of My Favorite Things

Back last winter, my friend Shveta and I were talking about writing and creativity as we normally do and she challenged me to list things, phrases, etc that inspire me and that I like. Having both the need to write a blog post and the inability to come up with a coherent topic, I thought this would be a good exercise. This list is not ranked, does not include the obvious things like my family or my favorite books/bands etc (ie. too much specificity), and is by no means exhaustive. I’m sure I will think of things tonight as I fall asleep. I decided on 50 because I would be writing this all day trying to think of things.

I challenge you to do the same and link back here to your blog page.  I want to see and read about you!pumpkin patch

  1. The moon
  2. candles
  3. pumpkins
  4. autumn
  5. the sky during a cold winter dawn
  6. hot apple cider
  7. mulled wine
  8. stonehenge
  9. Wales
  10. magic
  11. books/reading
  12. goth/industrial music
  13. ancient history
  14. the renaissance
  15. the dark ages
  16. coffee
  17. cafes
  18. sitting under a tree to read
  19. thunderstorms
  20. the ocean/the beach
  21. cats and lolcats
  22. the colors black, purple, silver
  23. ocean-inspired color palettes
  24. lighthouses
  25. velvet
  26. black lace
  27. capes
  28. world of warcraft
  29. halloween
  30. fantasy and scifi/specfic
  31. rockabilly fashions
  32. makeup
  33. long, full, swishy skirts
  34. stompy combat boots
  35. leopard print anything
  36. buying stationery/supplies
  37. learning new things/researching
  38. libraries
  39. the smell of books
  40. lifting weights
  41. wildly colored hair
  42. cemeteries
  43. art museums
  44. snuggling in with a good book on a rainy day/night
  45. cups of tea with honey
  46. taking walks on crisp, cool days
  47. the silhouette of bare trees against a full moon
  48. world of warcraft
  49. aliens
  50. hello kitty

4 thoughts on “50 of My Favorite Things

  1. I’m so surprised your list has many things I’d put on mine. I’ll try to do this. You listed “world of warcraft” twice. I’m not sure what that is, but have heard it before. Nice post!


  2. I won’t do 50, but here’s a few:
    Going barefoot. Friday nights and the first night of a vacation. Summer breezes. The smell of pine needles. Violets. Seashells. Cricket song.


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