Getaway: Why a writing retreat?

For those of us who, for various reasons, are not full-time writers, finding uninterrupted time to write is often a huge challenge. You might have a dayjob, family, household upkeep, social obligations and a thousand other things more “pressing” than finding time to write. Or, like me, getting up early to write isn’t always an option so you look forward to that time at night when you can squeeze an hour or two in, assuming that is, that you don’t fall asleep from sheer exhaustion.


Sign at Walden Pond

Sign at Walden Pond

And that’s why I advocate for time away at a writing retreat. Sure, it takes a little planning and some small investment (more on that) but you don’t need to spend a fortune just to get away. And the benefits of a writing retreat, even if just for a couple of days, can pay off in the long run.

  1. Most importantly, uninterrupted writing time. Basically you get to luxuriate in hours and hours of time just for your writing. I often get up early and start working when my mind is fresh. With a few breaks and some good food, I can usually go late into the night. On some retreats, I have managed upwards of 10,000 words!
  2. No worries about chores or feeding other people. Say you’re lucky enough to score a day where you can stay home and write. If you have a family, you still probably need to worry about meal times, laundry, dishes and assorted other every day things. It’s bound to happen when you’re at home. Getting away relieves you of these mundane worries – all you need to do is feed yourself. Again, with some planning, you can make ahead casseroles or crockpot dinners (or go even simpler with cold sandwiches), eat, then be back to writing in no time
  3. Breaks without guilt. Sounds counter-intuitive but you need a few breaks during your day. Go for a walk, stretch, read a passage of good writing or some writing advice. These breaks can refresh your mind and body and you can have them without getting caught up in household problems if you were at home. Just try and stay off the internet. That’s a black hole you need to avoid!

You may be thinking that you can’t afford a writing retreat. Sure, I’d like to spend a week on a Greek isle, or in Wales, but this isn’t always financially feasible (and having the time is another barrier). Get creative! Look into cabins at local state parks. Find a hotel that you can stay at with minimal expense. Do you have a friend with a seasonal home who would be willing to extend some time to you? Look into off-season stays at vacation spots – I live about an hour from the Jersey shore and there’s always a weekend deal to be had October through April. Plus, I love the beach just as much off-season as I do in the summer.

So, take the time you need as a writer, even if it’s a long weekend, to recharge and put your writing first. And don’t forget – you may be able to deduct the expense from your taxes! But that’s another post.

Walden State Park

Walden State Park

Shore in autumn



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