Jennifer R. Hubbard visits the South Jersey Writers

Thursday night was the monthly South Jersey Writers’ Group discussion meeting. Usually we have a specific topic on which someone from the group speaks or we have a guest speaker. So far in 2014 we’ve been pleased to host Kristin Battestella and Kathryn Craft.

This month Jennifer R. Hubbard, author of several YA novels, including 2013’s Until It Hurts to Stop, joined us with a talk entitled “It Was Sunny A Minute Ago: Weathering the Storms of Writing and Publishing.” Her talk was informative and engaging as she covered some of the pitfalls of the publishing world such as rejection, bad reviews, agents leaving, and books being pulled among others. Jennifer also spent some time covering some of the blocks we have as writers and possible ways to deal with them. I especially loved her acknowledgment of depression and the important of professional help if needed, something people tend to shy away from talking about.

One of my favorite quotes from the night came when Jennifer was talking about avoiding competition and jealousy with other writers and she said to remember that supporting other writers is a “rising tide that lifts all boats.” How true it is! It is one thing I am so grateful to the SJWG for – the support and friendship that has built over the past few years since I joined.

The main takeaway from her talk was that as writers, we should savor the good times and understand that the bad times will pass and that a writing career is not a straight line but an adventure that we build with many paths, twists, and turns.

You can visit Jennifer at her website, as well as find out where to buy her books, here:

If you’re interested in speaking at a South Jersey Writers’ Group meeting, please contact me through our meetup site by selecting Contact Organizers:







3 thoughts on “Jennifer R. Hubbard visits the South Jersey Writers

  1. I really enjoyed Jennifer R. Hubbard’s talk. It was a breath of fresh air and so informative. You’re right about our group being a great group to belong to and maybe it’s because we have great leaders


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