National (mmm) Pancake Day!

In case you were unaware, today is Shrove Tuesday/Fat Tuesday otherwise known as National Pancake day!

I absolutely adore pancakes of any kind but my top three favorites would be pumpkin, toasted coconut, and banana choco chip pancakes. Of course, buttermilk are great too.  But remember, use real maple syrup, not the artificial pancake syrup. You just cannot beat real maple syrup from Vermont or Canada and it’s not full of chemicals (boo hiss!).

Find out Five things to Know About Pancakes!


mmm pancakes!

mmm pancakes!


6 thoughts on “National (mmm) Pancake Day!

  1. Now, in Polish communities we eat Paczki (often spelled Punchki in the US) – sort of a best-you-ever-had filled doughnut on Fat Tuesday. My Bristish friends tell me that on Shrove Tuesday they make a pancake that’s more like a lemon crepe and also have contests where they flip them while running down the street. What a wacky, delicious day!


      • Mmmm. Pie.
        On a only vaguely related note (because dates with dual meanings like 3-14 make me also think of other dates with dual meanings), Today is March Fourth! So March Forth and eat Pancakes!


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