New release – We Walk Invisible anthology

This has been a crazy autumn for me. I’ve been working on a few short pieces, 2 of which have been accepted for publication so far. I also attended the Push to Publish conference at Rosemont College, pitched to an agent and received insightful and helpful feedback from said agent.

Most exciting so far, is the release of We Walk Invisible, an anthology published by Chupa Cabra House and available here on Amazon. My short story, Invisible, is within! I’m so excited because this was a story I had first written several years ago, received feedback on, but wasn’t sure what to do with it as far as revision. Time definitely provided perspective and when I saw the call for submissions, I immediately thought of Matty and his invisibility in life. i couldn’t find the original so I rewrote the story from scratch.

I would love if you shared this with your reader friends and maybe even thought about giving a copy as a gift this holiday season.

Here is the blurb:

Come right to the edge of reality with this collection of modern, edgy short stories that deal with the theme of Invisibility, both literally and figuratively. Horror, bizarro, magical realism, science fiction and speculative fiction are all represented in this book. A man finds that retirement makes him invisible to society. A group of weird plants allow one man to act on his impulses. A desk clerk uses the cover of darkness to play with his guests. Someone finds out his mother is wasting away, maybe on purpose. After an accident a man suffers from a ghost limb, among other things. Sometimes being invisible just means disgusing yourself, more so if you are a murder suspect. There is even an invisible suit to try on, if you have the guts. If you don’t enjoy this stuff, you’re probably already dead inside.


Invisible - front