Spooked: A Poem for October





Dust dances on the airless sunbeams

moving from frame to frame against

the panes of the divided window.

Here, the dead years have been frozen;

Corsets and bloomers stacked in the armoire,

dried petals suspended in the air like a snapshot

while roses on teacups bloom forever.

Antiquity wafts from yellowed books,

darted with silverfish, pages silent.

The word has been vanquished,

forgotten voices cursed and choked.

A mannequin poses smoothly.

The room sighs vacant and

solemn like a deserted bride,

a spoiled treasure unopened.

The forgotten years are withering away.

Spiders consummate in the corner.

The groom is consumed and

ghosts hum in the gathering dusk.


6 thoughts on “Spooked: A Poem for October

  1. Especially love the line, “the dead years have been frozen,” and the juxtaposition of “the groom has been consumed” with the “deserted bride,” and the roses blooming in this dead space–images that are fresh by running against expectations.


  2. 🙂 I wrote this a LONG time ago and just rediscovered and thought, why not? It’s not like I’m going to submit anywhere with it. Thank you for your feedback!


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