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So it’s been a bit since I last posted. I’m still trying to figure out a schedule to do some guest posts, especially for NJ-based writers and artists. My schedule has been a little crazy between the day job, family, editing and writing a few stories and the new novel, plus, yes…incorporating the South Jersey Writers’ Group. Amy Hollinger and I are working on the business plan and I was stuck with volunteered to write the mission and vision statements (to be fair, Amy is incredible at Getting Stuff Done that requires logistics and planning!). She is, I may say, a logistical genius. I, on the other hand…

I suck at writing mission statements. And business plans.

Really I do.

Just to give you some perspective, my day job entails writing procedural documentation and training materials, among other things. I also do a lot of work on special projects. My mind always just wants to write something like this “Do A, B, and C.” That’s it. Done. No rambling plans, intros, or explanations. The worst thing I can hear is someone asking me to write a proposal (why? My proposals always start like this: I think we should do X because it’s my idea and it’s awesome! For some reason, this doesn’t fly at work) or to write long, drawn-out project plans.

So yeah, business plans are like the seventh circle of writers’ hell.

But enough of that boring business stuff. Did I mention that the SJWG is looking for quality short stories for its next anthology to be published next spring? We’re taking submissions in multiple genres but the clear submissions standout is spec-fic. Details about where to submit and the guidelines are here:

The South Jersey Writers’ Group

Bellmawr, NJ
119 Writers

Did you see Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey in the paper? Thanks for visiting and welcome! You can contact us about the book at southjerseywriters [at] gmail [d…

Check out this Meetup Group →

I did say this was a post of miscellany so here are few links to some articles I’ve read over the past few days that I found interesting:

Psychology Today – Nine Fresh Ways Not to Suffer Creative Block


Chuck Sambuchino – A Great Example of what a Pitch Should not look Like (are YOU guilty of this?)


And at The Creative Penn – Mining Your Central Plot Nugget (as a side note, what a great last name for a writer! I’m a bit jealous!)


There you have it folks. For my closing I’d like to get some reader feedback. Tell me what your favorite writing prompt is! It can be the first line of a story, a phrase, an image, or whatever you like. What prompt has inspired you lately?

I need one of these!


One thought on “Miscellaneous Puff’n Stuff

  1. Writing prompts that inspire me most of the time are smells. I keep patchouli, lavender and eucalyptus candles or oils handy. Thanks for the resources and post.


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