A Long Overdue post – the Zombie Run

I’ve been a little remiss here on Literary Debauchery. Life and health issues got in the way for a while and I’ve neglected my poor baby blog. Anyway, I have a few words and some pictures from the Philadelphia Zombie Run.

This was my first 5k and I’ll cut to the chase. I was totally not expecting the mayhem that is a race. To be honest, I was not in the best running shape and felt a little intimidated by all the super fit runners there. On the plus side, there were many people there just there to have fun – people dressed as Rick from The Walking Dead, a Where’s Waldo, a few “medical students,” some dressed as zombie bait, even some apocalyptic corporate types!  From what I heard over 4,000 people had showed to run. There was also a huge line of people ready to get zombiefied, including my dear friend Marie, our own Steampunk Granny and all around zombie lover. In fact, here’s Marie’s post about the run at Biff Bam Pop – check it out.

The Starting Gate

The Starting Gate

After a phased start, I was doing well until my shins felt like they were splitting apart. I alternately ran and walked, avoiding the zombies trying to steal one of my organs (balloons) on my belt.

Milling around waiting for the start

Milling around waiting for the start


Beware signs!

Beware signs!

Well, honestly, I lost all three balloons within the first mile. Man, those kids are fast! and vicious! I did see Marie toward the end of the race – runner and zombie hugged much to the amusement of the surrounding zombies. I crossed the finish line running thanks to The Get Out Girl, Amy Hollinger. And then it was time to party with the local radio station.

Doing the Time Warp

Doing the Time Warp


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