A Social Bat

Wow, there’s nothing like realizing that it’s Thursday and you need to make a blog post. Even better? All your great blog ideas have somehow tiptoed out of your brain when you weren’t looking. So Thursday, now that you’ve sneaked up on me, what shall I write about?

Last year was a bust for me on conferences of any sort. The year just passed by, my novel revisions meandered and wandered, took some detours, and finally came together at the end of 2012. Short stories? All my completed yet not submitted, nearly revised, and just started pieces all stood along the side of the road, sad, lonely suitcases in hand, waiting for me to polish and send. And never once did I sally out my door.

2013 is shaping up to be a much better year. Several stories have been submitted, the novel is in its final stages (querying), and I’m heading to the Liberty States Writers Conference and the Philadelphia Writers Conference this year plus the Writers’ Coffeehouse in February. Hell, I may even make it to a Garden State Spec Fic writers meeting! Plus the South Jersey Writers’ Group has a full agenda planned with lots of fun events. And that’s just for the first half of the year!

I’m not so much a social butterfly, as a social…bat?

Despite the reputation writers have for being lonely souls, sitting dejectedly at their computers, waiting for the next brilliant idea to come along, wine glass in hand or frantically typing away, maniacal laugh echoing off the walls, as we write our little black hearts out, writers need to be social creatures. For one, getting out among others has a tendency to ensure that you shower on a regular basis. For another, well, do I need to really list the reasons it’s good to network, make friends of other writers and readers (and potential fans!)?

Am I nervous about meeting new people and, gasp, talking live and in person? A little twitchy? Well, duh. Yeah of course. But the good thing is that over the past several years, I’ve met some wonderful people. People that will be there to support me and help me grow, to watch my back, to be there for me just as I hope to be there for them. And knowing that I have that support makes all the difference. I also know that I wouldn’t have that support if I had not stepped into a certain bookstore’s writers’ event back in 2009, took a deep breath, stuck out my hand, and introduced myself.

Now I just need to put together my zombie apocalypse survival squad…


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