Thoughts and Tears

I should just avoid the news and especially the comments. Obviously, there are many warm-hearted, generous people out there whose hearts are breaking but the amount of crude, rude, over-the-top remarks is just sickening. Personally, every time I read the news I start crying. It’s just too horrible to contemplate the last moments of all those killed.

I know the world can be an uncertain and cruel place but that doesn’t mean we should harden ourselves to what happens. I know that children all over the world die every day from guns, knives, bombs, drone strikes, hunger, and disease. When I see those stories, I cry for those children too. Some things are unavoidable, like natural disasters and illness, but it seems we are killing our future unnecessarily, too often.

Gun control and mental health care in the country. What can I say? Not much because I am not an expert in either. I think though we need to take these matters seriously and decide what’s right and what makes sense. We need better, more comprehensive mental health care, that’s a given. Gun control is another issue. It’s touchy and it’s not simplistic. Although I would never, at this point, own a gun, I can understand how some people may wish to own a handgun, a hunting gun, or a collectible. But we’re not talking about those kind of guns – we’re seeing people with weapons that NO ONE should own or have access to without a very good reason (I’m still trying to think of one).

Everyone wants their freedoms but too many people don’t want to think about their responsibilities.