The State of the Novel (or editing is embarrassing!)

So…here we are at the end of another week. The retreat last weekend was fruitful. We had some rainy weather but a lot of food and a ton of alcohol. Nothing helps writing more than mimosas at breakfast, bailey’s with coffee throughout the day, and sangria at dinner! 

All joking aside, I spent the entire time reading through Small Town Ghosts, making notes, and reviewing the edits made by a friend. As I said to a few people, it’s funny what you notice once you’ve had some time away from your writing. A few things I noted while reading:

  • My characters sigh and smile was too often, and raise a lot of eyebrows
  • I tend to use similar phrases too close to each other
  • I make a lot of typos when I’m anxious about the work (your/you’re issues, missing words etc)
  • I use too many pronouns, or vague pronoun reference

 I suppose the up side to this is, of course, that I (and my beta readers) noticed these things and I am correcting them, along with other story revisions. If any one would like to help me with my query letter (read it once written and provide feedback), I would appreciate it 🙂