Fire up your Vimanas!

Well i have certainly enjoyed the break I gave myself after completing my latest draft of Small Town Ghosts (which lasted a couple of days longer than I anticipated due to a nasty cold/infection) and is now in the hands of my writing partners. I still feel crummy today but I’m off from work for a 4-day weekend so I can’t complain.

Right now I have Ancient Aliens on (been playing almost continuously on H2 for a few hours lol and new episode tonight!) and am planning to do some short story revisions and blog tour work. Then I’m going to start on my next novel, Bones of the Ancestors. I had started this a few years ago but gave it over to finish Small Town Ghosts. Now with some new ideas and angles, I am going to finish it.

As I told my writing partners, I really had a block with Bones of the Ancestors because I had it in my mind that it had to be a door-stopping epic fantasy. Once I changed my viewpoint slightly on what this fantasy can be, the clouds cleared and the moon and stars lit the way.

How is your end of the week shaping up?


6 thoughts on “Fire up your Vimanas!

  1. Great to hear about the strides your making with your novel. I am so glad to hear that you’re writing something else while waiting for the critiques for Small Town Ghosts. We really need to go onto the next thing.


  2. I’m not only relieved that I’m not the only one outside of Coast to Coast AM or Ancient Aliens who knows what a vimana is – but I’m also happy you’ve broken through your block. 🙂


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