Author Spotlight: Jon Gibbs – Interview and Giveaway!

Late last year, I interviewed Jon Gibbs, whose e-book, Fur-Face, was released recently as a paperback. The interview and a giveaway for the book is posted on my LJ but you can comment here for a chance to win also. This is a great middle-grade book that both children and adults will enjoy!


So this past we…

So this past weekend was a blast. I attended my first book release party – this one for K.M. Walton’s YA debut, Cracked. The launch was held at a local, independent bookstore which, to my surprise, was rather large and very nice. Unfortunately, it’s a 50-minute drive with no traffic (uncommon for that area). [personal profile] shveta_writes  and I were surprised at how many people were there when we arrived (and we got there early!).  We were 55 and 56 in line to get our book signed. I estimate there were about 200 people there, maybe more. Wine, fruit, cheese, cupcakes were all being served (check out Frankie Diane Mallis’ blog for pictures of these awesome cupcakes and cake based on the book cover Unfortunately, i didnt win a door prize but we still had a blast chatting and cheering on Kate.

As an added bonus, I got to see [personal profile] starlady

Afterwards, Kate invited us to the after party at the Social Lounge in West Chester for a bit to chat with some friends and we were able to congratulate Kate again on a successful launch.

Kate’s website

Today is the release day of K.M. Walton’s Cracked. There will be a launch party and signing at the Chester County Book & Music Company (West Chester, PA) on Saturday January 7 at 7pm…buy a copy, come to the release party, pass this on – support writers!


Up and running

This past weekend I managed almost 3,500 (good) words. I’m slowly bridging the gap between what I’m writing now and the ending which is already written (but will need some edits and revisions obviously since the middle has changed). I’m enjoying the process again which I hadnt for several weeks. Maybe it was end-of-the-year blues, maybe it was SAD. But today, with the sun shining and chill crispness of January making all the colors and outlines that much more vibrant, with the promise of a new cycle starting, I feel better than I have in a few months.

So what are your creative goals – and it can be anything, not just writing – for 2012?