Moving Past The Fear

Home with a sick child today unfortunately :/

One thing I am slowly learning is that having never done something before is not a good excuse for not trying it. I have a lot of fear trying something new and too often I never do what I intend, or I procrastinate until the point that it no longer makes sense doing what I planned. Today I conquered a “geez, Im going to make a fool out of myself” fear and tried something new. It may not be perfect but it was an attempt and that’s what counts, right? The best thing is that this is only the beginning of a project I am hoping to initiate within the next week here 🙂  Stay tuned!

Come to think of it, I actually began another writing project I was procrastinating on doing (out of fear) last night and it went extremely well.

Now, onto cooking!  (*sigh*)

So, dear readers, what fears, writing or otherwise, have you conquered this year?


2 thoughts on “Moving Past The Fear

  1. We’re all taking baby steps of our own. I, along with some of our local area writers, will be around to help.

    One of the biggest fears I conquered this year is just coming out of the closet about my writing.


  2. yes, it’s hard sometimes because family and friends don’t understand it but when you come down to it, you only have this life to live so you might as well do it the way you want!


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