During this time of year, many people like to stop and give thanks for what they have and I’m no exception. I know I am lucky to have a wonderful family and awesome friends, a job that pays the rent and buys the food (even if it interferes with my writing time!), a warm house, and the freedoms to pursue my dreams.

That aside, I am also grateful that I am, more or less, a creative person. I’m thankful for my ability to tell a story. Today driving home from seeing relatives out of state, I had inspiration for another novel. I am excited. I want to finish my current novel so I can put it out there (hopefully) and then start this new project.

I have 2 short stories in the works – one finished, needing editing and polishing and one halfway written. I have three stories out in the world, waiting for acceptance or rejection.

Writing is not my whole life, but it is part of who I am. Sometimes it’s a burden. I can’t write the stories fast enough. Ican’t make them perfect.

But, yet, everyday I am thankful for both the upsides and the down. I have dreams for my family, I have dreams for my son. But writing allows me to dream for me.


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