Oo0o0o look, an update!

Hello there!  My, it has been a few weeks since my last update. Where shall I begin?

For starters, my writing blog post was accepted, however, not yet published. Hopefully, you will be seeing a post here soon with a link to my article.

Second, I have managed to submit another story, The Elf Trap. This story went through several revisions before anyone ever saw it. My lovely critique group then made some very helpful suggestions and after taking those into consideration, and letting the story stew for a few weeks, I was able to strenghthen it. I’ve taken the plunge and submitted it to Realms of Fantasy. Might as well start big, right?

Third, not so much news as a report that I have not yet heard back about my story Need. It’s been almost eight weeks, which is the projected turnaround time for a response but I’m not banging down that publication’s doors. Yet.  🙂

Fourth, my fellow writing group associate from the South Jersey Writer’s Group, Christine Hardy, is having a contest at her blog. Just become a follower to win some prizes. I’ve read the beginning of her novel in progress and I can say that she is one talented writer.


Next up, a post about submitting short stories, taken from my work for a recent writing group meeting.


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