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I had been reviewing my last post from February 2009 (you can still read the entries by following the above link) and it amazed me how much progress I’ve made in the past year with my writing. I’ve been lucky enough to find not one, but two, amazing writing groups. Each contributes something new and fresh to my writing. I’ve also had the pleasure to meet and friend several wonderful writers in real life as well as online. I feel honored and inspired by their fellowship and creativity and talent (and yes, humbled).

You see, writing is a such a solitary experience for the most part. Even when I have collaborated with other writers, each piece is created in silence in the head of each writer. It’s hard sometimes to come out of the shell and live outside of my head. But these friendships help me to see how much we are all struggling at times with our writing, with finding time to write, with balancing a day job and a family and a second job as a writer, with finding time to connect with other writers. Fellowship helps ease some of the doubts I have at times about pursuing what I love.

But in looking over the past year, I can see how much these connections have helped inspire me. I’ve finished several stories and am awaiting response from a major magazine (my first submission since my son was born!) and have a few more of the finished stories ready to go out by the end of the month.

I’ve also been able to shake the dust off of a novel that I’ve half written. I love the story, I love the characters and now I have need to finish it.

Last but not least, as mentioned in my former blog, part of the reason I keep a writing blog is to share my story with how I cope with Bipolar Disorder and its effects on my writing and creativity. My advances in controlling this disorder have contributed greatly to this past year’s successes. It’s a tough ride and it’s something I think that people not affected by the disorder may not completely understand or may have erroneous ideas about. I hope to continue that theme here and perhaps dispel some of the incorrect beliefs people might hold.

2010 is definitely a year of emergence for me and I hope you’ll stick around and join me in this wondrous journey.